We get 86,400 seconds in each day.  It sounds like a TON of time yet we find that there is never enough time to get our “to do” list DONE.  We juggle our lives, work, ministry, school, family, relationships both with Christ and with others and that all important time to ourselves. (Yea, I’ma blog on this later).  We strive to prioritize yet there are things that tend to have equal importance at the same time.  The “to do” list becomes the “to do backpack”.  I recently graduated from Bible College with a Bachelors in Ministry Studies and Worship Arts.  I have spent my summer more or less decompressing because the last year of school was full tilt, 15-17 units per quarter, with both online and in class.  I still worked, played gigs, ministered and last October began caring for my Mom who has Alzheimer’s.  Yes, many days I still feel like Mr. Mad Hatter or the White Rabbit..I’m late, I’m late…rush, catch up, get it done.  However, during this time I learned the importance of Psalm 63 and Matthew 6.  Seeking the Lord early and first.  The days that I get up and hit the Bible app on my phone and read and/or listen to a chapter and pause for a conversation with Jesus before checking texts, emails, Facebook and Instagram are the days that the load of the hats are a little easier to balance and the tick of the clock is not so loud.  It sounds so simple, but it is a decision that has to be made each and every morning.

I wish I could say I bat 365 out of 365 for this discipline but nope…but I’m going to keep pressing.

Ladies and co-laborers in ministry and the bi-vocational world….share your thoughts, your helps, successes and failures.  We are all here to help one another be better!!


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