Welcome!!  It is my hope that this blog becomes a place of interaction for women in ministry.  Why the title? I currently serve in ministry as a staff minister and minister of music.  I am a self employed musician and music teacher so that makes me bi-vocational which is the norm for a vast majority of ministry workers.  I love what I do and I don’t regret saying yes to God when He called.  However, things get a little overwhelming from time to time.  Currently, things are a LOT overwhelming. The church where I serve is in transition.  Ministries are being restructured, tradition is being challenged and I am excited about all that God is about to do.  However, the pace of the current transitions caught up with me last week.  I had a nightmare regarding ministry work.  NOTHING was going right and all I could say as people brought me issue after issue was …”But, my Wonder Woman suit isn’t clean!”

So LADIES, co-laborers, I know you are out there.  Share!  How do you balance the bi-vocational ministry life?  I’ll share my own insights and situations along the way and I’m sure we can all get the assistance we need.  Ministry can be hectic at times, but I know we aren’t called to wear the cape and boots.


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